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À quoi s'attendre pour Spafford en 2024

Les titres les plus interprétés par Spafford lors de leurs derniers concerts sont Electric Taco Stand.

Spafford a interprété plus rarement World Keeps Going Around, Memphis in the Meantime, Bee Jam, Hollywood, Slip and Squander, You Don't Know How It Feels, On Fire, Double Time, Soul to Squeeze, My Road (My Road), Lonely, Walls, Dream Jam, The Reprise, Funkadelic, America, Windmill, People, BRIGHTSIDE, Home (One Place I'll Never Be), Comfortable, Giants In the Light, All My Friends, Steve Kimock Band, Broken String Jam, The Remedy, Palisades, Skyline, Jump in the Line (Shake, Senora), Leave the Light On, When It Falls, Night After Night, Dirt Bath, Day-O (The Banana Boat Song), Evil Salamander Song, Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme, Spooky, Spell Yourself, Run Like Hell, Anyone, Runaway, Galisteo Way, Punk, Musette, Who Can It Be Now?, Ain't That Wrong, Machine Elves, Super Mario Bros. Theme, Made for Wesley, The Postman, Dis Go in 5?, Pets, Ginger Stardust, Gold Glittered Hat, Ruby Soho.

Liste des derniers concerts et titres joués par Spafford et que l'on pourrait retrouver en France 2024

  • Setlist Spafford à Charleston United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Boise United States

    1. Super Mario Bros. Theme
    2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme
    3. Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme
    4. Backdoor Funk
    5. Spooky
    6. Giants in the Light
    7. Motel 6
    1. Spell Yourself
    2. Space Gadget
    3. Run Like Hell
    4. Evil Salamander Song
    5. Weasel
    6. Electric Taco Stand
    1. Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)
    2. Jump in the Line (Shake, Senora)

  • Setlist Spafford à Bellingham United States

    1. Skyline
    2. It's a Bunch
    3. Motel 6
    4. Leave the Light On
    5. When It Falls
    6. Dirt Bath

  • Setlist Spafford à Spokane United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Milwaukee United States

    1. Space Gadget
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Motel 6
    4. Salamander Song
    5. Backdoor Funk
    6. Fake the Fate
    1. Night After Night
    2. Electric Taco Stand
    3. Anyone
    4. Breakdown

  • Setlist Spafford à Bridgeport United States

    1. Runaway
    2. Giants in the Light
    3. Broken Wing
    4. Lovesick Melody
    5. Soil
    1. Electric Taco Stand
    2. Dis Go in 5?
    3. The Postman
    4. Pets

  • Setlist Spafford à Pembroke United States

    1. Ginger Stardust
    2. In the Eyes of Thieves
    3. Gold Glittered Hat
    4. Made for Wesley
    5. Ice Cream
    1. Weasel
    2. Palisades
    3. Punk
    4. Galisteo Way
    5. Musette
    1. Motel 6
    2. Backdoor Funk
    3. Who Can It Be Now?
    4. Diesel Driver
    5. Machine Elves
    6. Ain't That Wrong
    1. Ruby Soho
    2. Mind's Unchained

  • Setlist Spafford à New York United States

  • Setlist Spafford à New York United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Fayetteville United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Huntington United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Pittsburgh United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Brooklyn United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Asheville United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Charlotte United States

  • Setlist Spafford à Crested Butte United States

    1. Double Time
    2. When it Falls
    3. Soul to Squeeze
    4. It's a Bunch
    5. Lonely
    1. You Don't Know How It Feels
    2. Hollywood
    3. In the Eyes of Thieves
    4. Todd's Tots

  • Setlist Spafford à Tampa United States

    1. Memphis in the Meantime
    2. Plans
    3. Slip and Squander
    4. Electric Taco Stand
    5. Walls
    6. Electric Taco Stand
    1. Salamander Song
    2. The Remedy
    3. Backdoor Funk
    4. Dream Jam

  • Setlist Spafford à Gainesville United States

    1. Lovesick Melody
    2. Soil
    3. It's a Bunch
    4. Comfortable
    5. Broken String Jam
    6. Breakdown
    8. Weasel
    9. Diesel Driver
    10. Todd's Tots

  • Setlist Spafford à Pensacola United States

    1. Funkadelic
    2. People
    3. Giants In the Light
    4. Fake the Fate
    5. Windmill
    6. America
    7. The Reprise
    8. Home (One Place I'll Never Be)
    1. Steve Kimock Band

  • Setlist Spafford à New Orleans United States

    1. All My Friends
    2. Bee Jam
    3. World Keeps Going Around
    4. Plans
    5. Mind's Unchained
    1. When it Falls
    2. Broken Wing
    3. My Road (My Road)
    4. On Fire
    5. Electric Taco Stand

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