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Toutes les infos concerts Universe Peoples

À quoi s'attendre pour Universe Peoples en 2024

Les titres les plus interprétés par Universe Peoples lors de leurs derniers concerts sont Letting Go, Four Sticks, Talking Heads, Eyes of the World, Jack Straw, Mike's Song, Scarlet Begonias.

Universe Peoples a interprété plus rarement Misty Mountain Hop, Going to California, Ghost, When the Levee Breaks, Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Roses Are Free, The Battle of Evermore, Strike While The Iron Is Hot, Good Lovin', Slide, Kick It in Second Wind, Steal My Sunshine, Weekapaug Groove, No Men in No Man's Land, Wepwawet, Sunshine Daydream, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Arizona Dawn, Althea, Burning Down the House, Not Fade Away, Four Corners, New Speedway Boogie, Jack-A-Roe, Rose of Sharon, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Sand, Severity, Fire on the Mountain, Indigo Smiles, Back on the Train, Brown-Eyed Women, Sugar Magnolia, Bertha, Johnny B. Goode, Me and Bobby McGee, Wharf Rat, Soul Shakedown Party, Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad, Big Boss Man, Me and My Uncle, Mama Tried, Big Railroad Blues, Playing in the Band, The Other One, Love Shack.

Liste des derniers concerts et titres joués par Universe Peoples et que l'on pourrait retrouver en France 2024

  • Setlist Universe Peoples à Costa Mesa United States

    1. Soul Shakedown Party
    2. Scarlet Begonias
    3. Fire on the Mountain
    4. Indigo Smiles
    5. Eyes of the World
    6. Back on the Train
    7. Brown-Eyed Women
    8. Severity
    1. Jack Straw
    2. Sand
    3. New Speedway Boogie
    4. Four Sticks
    5. Four Corners
    6. Jack-A-Roe
    7. Rose of Sharon
    8. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
    9. Sugar Magnolia
    1. Bertha
    2. Mama Tried
    3. Big Railroad Blues
    4. Playing in the Band
    5. The Other One
    6. Me and My Uncle
    7. Big Boss Man
    8. Me and Bobby McGee
    9. Johnny B. Goode
    10. Wharf Rat
    11. Not Fade Away
    12. Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad
    1. Love Shack
    2. Sunshine Daydream

  • Setlist Universe Peoples à Santa Ana United States

    Aucune information pour le moment

  • Setlist Universe Peoples à Venice United States

    1. Jack Straw
    2. Mike's Song
    3. Scarlet Begonias
    4. Roses Are Free
    5. Strike While The Iron Is Hot
    1. Black Dog
    2. Rock and Roll
    3. The Battle of Evermore
    4. Stairway to Heaven
    5. Misty Mountain Hop
    6. Four Sticks
    7. Going to California
    8. When the Levee Breaks
    1. Ghost
    2. Eyes of the World
    3. Letting Go
    1. Talking Heads

  • Setlist Universe Peoples à San Diego United States

    1. Burning Down the House
    2. Good Lovin'
    3. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
    4. Arizona Dawn
    5. Althea
    6. Wepwawet
    7. No Men in No Man's Land
    1. Mike's Song
    2. Slide
    3. Letting Go
    4. Kick It in Second Wind
    5. Steal My Sunshine
    6. Weekapaug Groove
    1. Talking Heads

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